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Predikantens Dubbelliv (2022)

Documentary   |  2 episodes   |  Swedish / English   |  Producer   |   Viaplay



During the scorching summers between 2018 and 2020 a series of sexual assaults take place around the Stockholm area. Although these assaults take place at crowded beaches, or in their vicinity, the police have yet to find a common denominator. 

In 2020 a young woman is ambushed and dragged into a forest area near a heavily populated bathing place. With a knife aimed at her, the woman is forced to sexual acts by an assailant who also films her with his cellphone. As the police start their investigation, DNA found at the crime scene fails to lead them to a perpetrator. Instead, it points to an earlier sex crime from 2018. With the realization that they are dealing with a serial rapist, the manhunt escalates as the police scramble to find the assailant before he strikes again, possibly even more violently. Unbeknownst to the police investigation, the perpetrator is a man of religion, who in his struggle to understand his own behavior has turned to addressing Satan in search of answers. However, when he shares his dark secret with a family member, the case takes an unexpected turn.

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